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How Do Compression Socks Help Treat Venous Insufficiency?

Poor circulation, also known as Venous Insufficiency, has the potential to cause leg pain, swelling, and fatigue. Fortunately, therapeutic compression socks have been proven to improve blood circulation and the symptoms of Venous Insufficiency.

If you suffer from poor blood circulation, you’re far from alone. Tens of millions of people in the United States walk around with swollen legs unaware there is something that can be done about it, and how important it is to take care of.

What Causes Venous Insufficiency?

When properly functioning, valves within your veins open wide enabling blood to move up towards the heart. Almost immediately after, those same valves shut in order to prevent that blood from flowing downwards in the wrong direction. Gravity is a tremendous force pulling everything down. Over time, with the force of gravity and pressure of blood flowing through the veins, the vein walls have a tendency to stretch. When the vein walls stretch the valves that are attached to the walls open and the blood pools down in the legs. That’s why people tend to say their legs look better in the morning and worse towards the end of the day; that is the impact of one day of gravity. Tomorrow you build off the damage done today which is why swelling gets worse with time and not better. Think of it like compound interest. The longer you live on this earth and deal with its gravitational pull, the more likely Venous Insufficiency will become a problem for you if it hasn’t already.

Potential Symptoms of Venous Insufficiency

  • Swelling in the legs
  • Leg and/or ankle pain
  • Leg ulcers and wounding
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clots)

The Benefits of Compression Socks

Compression socks are designed to keep graduated pressure on your legs. They put more pressure on the foot and ankle and that pressure gradually reduces as it goes up the leg. So, while gravity is pulling down, the stockings are pushing up, assisting your circulation and putting less pressure on your heart. The pressure exerted by the compression socks helps to boost blood circulation which leads to a decrease in pain and swelling.

Do You Hate Compression Socks?

Unfortunately, compression socks have a horrible reputation because they have been mis-prescribed for years. Compression socks are not just a one-size-fits-all form of tighter socks that you can effectively self-prescribe. Being properly fitted and trained by a professional is a key factor in making sure that you’re in the right compression sock, you are wearing it correctly, and that you can apply and remove it without difficulty.

If wearing compression socks is a struggle and they don’t fit comfortably, then you certainly aren’t going to want to wear them. At LymphaTx, we are all Certified Lymphatic Therapists professionally trained in the fitting of compression garments. We provide you with all of the tools and training needed to wear the right compression socks.

At LymphaTx, we carry therapeutic compression socks and stockings from all of the most trusted brands in the industry. These compression garments come in both custom and ready-made sizes.


You don’t have to let Venous Insufficiency interfere with your life. Contact your local LymphaTx office today so we can help you take the first steps toward comfort.

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