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Garment Fitting & Training

Daytime Compression Garments

Gradient Compression therapy helps manage and prevent the progression of lymphedema, vein-related diseases or any swelling. Gradient compression garments help lymphatic fluid and blood flow in the right direction. At LymphaTx our therapists are trained to help and instruct every patient to be independent with applying and removing their compression garments and provide adapted devices to facilitate ease of application. Upon evaluation, a therapist will determine which compression class is appropriate for your condition such as 8-15 mmHg, 15-20 mmHg, 20-30 mmHg, and over 30-40 mmHg or custom requiring a doctor’s prescription. We have compression stockings such as knee highs, thigh highs and pantyhose. Additionally, we carry compression sleeves and gloves for arm(s) and hand(s) swelling.

We have a selection of different brands such as Juzo, Sigvaris and Medi in custom and ready-made sizes.

Nighttime Compression Garments

Compression Garments for night time use play a vital role in maintaining the reduction of swelling after a course of CDP therapy. It is important that patients are fit and trained correctly for proper use of garments.

Juzo compression sleeves
lymphedema compression wrap
lymphedema compression socks stockings

Fitting for Travel Garments

Commonly at risk are people who fly or sit for long periods of time. An effective way to keep your legs or arms healthy during air travel is by wearing graduated compression stockings/sleeves. Compression garments apply a comfortable pressure on the outside of the leg or arm to support the veins and vein valves.