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The swelling was greatly reduced which was the primary goal. Also there was a reduction in the pain in my arm/hand. Every member of the staff including administration and all therapists worked with us to ensure all of our questions were answered and made every accommodation. I appreciate the sensitivity shown by the staff to my challenging condition. I believe your approach and methods combined with excellent staff are unbeatable!

– M. K.

Staff treated me with dignity and displayed a professional manner at all times.

– B. N.

My therapist was very patient with me. She explained everything to me in order for me to take care of my legs. I came to LymphaTx with very swollen legs. Especially my left one. Within a short time, they have improved substantially. I have explained to my friends what a fantastic job was done for me and how kind the staff was.

– H. E.

I am very pleased with my condition’s improved beyond my expectations during the days of therapy. I am recommended these wonderful services to everyone who has a need and will continue to do so. I will be forever grateful to the person who recommended LymphaTx to me and to the very special therapist who did all she could for my condition.

– R. L.

Thank you, thank you, to a group of lovely and professional ladies!

– R. A.

My symptoms of Lymphedema remarkably improved by the end of my treatment. I thought my therapist was very emphatic, very efficient, and innovative when the treatment required it. I think she was superb!

I must add that I thought the staff was very pleasant and helpful. Last but not least, Pam was very encouraging.

– S. G.

The numbers speak for themselves. There has been a marked decrease in the edema. All of the therapists were highly professional. They were well trained in the procedure but also compassionate and caring. I am glad I was sent to LymphaTx by my doctor. I had no idea that such a procedure was available and have been sharing the information wherever it applies!

– V. G.