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LymphaTx is uses a state of the art modality called the HIVAMAT 200. This deep oscillation device soothes pain and relaxes muscles with minimal treatment pressure while your therapist uses the traditional Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) technique. It allows for improved lymphatic flow and the elimination of toxins from the body. We are able to use this deep oscillator as an adjunct to therapy helping with fibrosis break down, improved circulation, wound healing, and to promote lymphatic health.

The HIVAMAT 200 works to shake up lymph fluid and proteins in the affected area -much like sand in a glass of water, if sand is sitting at the bottom of the glass and you pour the water out, you will only see a little bit of sand come out with the water. When you shake the glass of water with the sand in it and then pour it out, you see a lot more sand pour out. This is much like how the HIVAMAT works- in order to get the maximum protein out of the area we can oscillate it and then direct it out using MLD.

The HIVAMAT 200 has had rave reviews from not only Lymphedema therapists, but Physical Therapists as well. The device is used on numerous professional baseball, basketball, and football teams to help reduce the swelling and pain in sports injuries.

The HIVAMAT is also helpful in the treatment of post surgical swelling and it is immediately applicable on the post operative day.

Hivamat 200
Hivamat 200 Physiomed

Capsular Contracture

With the help of the HIVAMAT 200, LymphaTx has a program to treat capsular contracture. Capsular contracture can occur with any implant, most commonly breast implants. The body reacts to the foreign object by forming a line of capsule around the implant then becoming hard and often times distorting the look of the implant. Our therapists are able to break up the fibrous tissue surrounding the implant in order to alleviate pain and advance symmetry of the breasts.

Sinus Irritation

Headaches, sinus irritation and earaches are also ailments that the HIVAMAT’s deep oscillation therapy can help alleviate. Sinus headaches and facial pressure are symptoms of sinusitis, an extremely uncomfortable condition. The HIVAMAT 200 has the ability to break apart and shake up the waste and proteins that are associated with sinusitis then direct the flow out of the sinus cavity.

Pressure and headaches are relieved as well as any ear irritations. Other benefits to the application of deep oscillation therapy to the face are the reduction of puffy eyes, bruising, ear aches (Meniers Disease), migraines and edema after facial plastic surgery.

Fields of Application

Surgery Aftercare

  • Immediately applicable (first postoperative day)
  • Effective prophylaxis of local edemas
  • Pain relief and improved sensitivity
  • Improved activity
  • High-quality wound healing (scar)

Open Wounds (ulcers, amputations, burns)

  • Treatment of wounded area or its immediate surroundings
  • Visible improvement of decongestion and supply
  • Enhancement of dynamic wound healing