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Wound Care

When the body’s natural healing process is delayed by medical conditions such as diabetes or vascular disease, the wound becomes an ongoing problem. A major emphasis is to reduce wound deterioration and to promote wound healing. By utilizing CDP, we have great success with patients who have been undergoing treatment for months or years without successful healing.

The majority of our patients’ wounds heal with consistent CDP treatment within 2 to 4 weeks. There are many factors that can impede the wound healing process including tissue swelling, pressure, trauma, and infection. Wounds need to have a proper balance of not being too wet or too dry – an environment heals three to five times faster, with less pain, than those exposed to a dry environment. Factors that can impede healing at a wound site are age, body build/weight, chronic disease such as diabetes or renal failure, diet/nutritional status, poor circulation, insufficient blood supply, suppressed immune system, and radiation therapy.

We utilize state of the art wound healing techniques and products to make wounds heal faster.